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Move Update Requirements


Effective November 23, 2008 mailers who claim presorted or automation rates for First Class and Standard Mail must meet the Move Update Standard. The Move Update Standard is a means of reducing the number of Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail. Mailers must demonstrate that they have updated their mailing list using a USPS approved updating solution within 95 days before the mailing date. Not complying to the new regulations could cause your mailing to lose all postage discounts and be charged a First Class Single Piece Postage rate.


The Move Update Standard is met when an address used in a mailing for any class of mail is updated with an approved method and the same address is used in a First-Class Mail or Standard Mail mailing within 95 days after the address has been updated. Except for mail bearing an alternative address format, addresses used on all pieces claiming Standard Mail rates will be required to meet the Move Update Standard.


National Change of Address Linkage System (NCOALink) is one of the USPS's approved methods that may be employed to meet the Move Update Standard, and the one that DMI utilizes most often. We use the full 48-month NCOA move database to provide the most comprehensive update available. Alternative, authorized update options are listed under the Other Update Options section.


Data Management, Inc. has been planning for months to adjust our services in order to help our clients meet the new requirements.


Prospecting Mailings/Merge Purge


Many clients will see no change in the processing of prospect mailings because NCOA update processing has been a regular part of the prospect merge/purge procedure. If you have not used NCOA for prospect mailings, please let your account coordinator know if you wish to do so.


Database Maintenance/Housefile-Renewal Mailings To meet the Move Standard requirements on your housefile's records, you can either process the entire or actively mailed records on the housefile through NCOA based on a schedule you and your account coordinator establish or you could incorporate the NCOA process into the housefile/renewal mailings. Remember, mailers must demonstrate that the mailing file has been updated within 95 days of the mail date.


If NCOA update processing has not been a regular service request for donor or prospect mailings, please contact your account coordinator for a price quote.


Other Update Options


The USPS has also approved other update options to meet the Move Update requirements. On its web site, the USPS outlines other programs which can be used to meet the Move Update Standard regulations.


USPS Move Update Site