Demographic Overlays

DMI can fill in blank spaces with demographic overlays from our installed Acxiom database.

Acxiom offers over 200 variables, including biological selects like age and ethnicity, life categories like marital status and presence of children, and preference information like political party and religious affiliation. We also identify donors to other charities, and the types of causes they support (i.e., religious, health, political, environmental, humanitarian).

These up-to-the-minute overlays will also help you better understand your donors and how they respond to campaigns. DMI can break down your file by:

  • Annual revenue by demographic segment
  • Active donors
  • Lifecycle segment
  • Donor quartile (based on annual revenue)
  • New donors
  • Lapsed donors


Finally, DMI can add email addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact information to your constituent database.


It’s a win-win. You’ll improve your targeting and send more meaningful messages to your constituents.