Marketing Databases

Ready for a database you can rely on for your direct-mail and digital fundraising operations? We’ll regulate a consolidated database of record using your preferences so that you can have confidence in the accuracy and quality of your house file.

How It Works

We build a donor data warehouse for your organization using the process defined here.

We work with your organization to develop business rules that will ultimately govern how records are created, updated, and removed from the marketing database. These rules can include:

  • Logical conditions (ex: If a new account is created in Salesforce with an email address that already exists in the marketing database, create another new record in the marketing database rather than merging)
  • Trust ranking (ex: Trust the spelling and casing of names in Mailchimp over Wufoo)
  • Alerts (ex: Send an alert to when a duplicate record is detected)

When you use DMI's marketing database solution, we can schedule all standard data processing and enrichment services for your entire database or for specific segments. We'll work with you to determine which services you'd like to run and at what intervals.

You can check out the complete list of data processing services here.

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