Let's Squash That CRM "Weakness" Once and For All

Tired of costly, one-size-fits-all CRM solutions that never seem to live up to their bold promises? The inTouch CRM is designed by industry professionals specifically for direct-mail fundraisers.

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CRM Features

Easily search and manage your organization's donors, members, and volunteers in a single place.

Create and manage campaigns, measure and monitor fundraising progress, and track all your organization's fundraising efforts with ease.

Create and manage donor segments, run lightning-fast queries for real-time counts, and easily export your lists.

Track your email, phone, SMS, and other communications with constituents to maintain full-lifecycle views of your donors.

Run dozens of pre-built fundraising and donor management reports, and create custom visualizations and dashboards in minutes.

Collaborate in real-time with your peers on constituent outreach, acknowledgements, and more using built-in project management tools

Automatically produce donation acknowledgements for your donors without leaving the system.


When you can't figure it out, the pros at DMI are here to help. All of our partners receive dedicated phone and email support for their CRM users.

No hold music. No "let me transfer you". Just really good support.


Unlike other solutions, with DMI your team members are not on their own to learn a big, new system. We provide personalized, instructor-lead training for all of your organization's users. We provide you with recordings of each training so that your team can learn at their own pace and refer back to training materials over time.

 Training for all users

 Email support is always available

 On-site training available*

Which apps do you want to learn?

*The cost of on-site training varies depending upon the size of the staff we'll be training and your location.



We've helped dozens of organizations migrate from other enterprise CRMs to DMI. Whether you're using Salesforce, bbCRM, Raiser's Edge, or another solution right now, rest assured that our data conversion specialists can make switching to DMI stress-free.

Want to learn more about migrating to DMI? Contact us for details.


We're proud to have received a SOC-II compliance designation for three years in a row. This designation highlights DMI's commitment to running a state-of-the-art, secure, reliable data center. You won't receive a stronger guarantee of information security in the market, and we guarantee it!


"Built-in", "bolt-on", "third-party", and "app store" don't inspire much confidence. We know how great it sounds that some other CRM providers have apps you can install and configure yourself, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We've built dozens of integrations between our CRM and popular tools like Salesforce, and we guarantee that they'll work for you because we only allow our integration specialists to configure them.

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